Twofold Handcrafted Travel has partnered with Fiona Caulfield, author of the Love Travel Guides, and Banyan Travel, India's premier luxury-tour company, to present an exploration of Indian textiles in three parts. We're doing a deep-dive into Indian textiles by focusing on three destinations over nine days—we'll explore textile-forward fashion in Delhi, silk weaving in Varanasi, and block-printing in Jaipur. 

In Delhi we will meet fashion designers who are part of a flourishing design scene tapping into India's rich craft traditions to make textiles and fashion with a modern aesthetic. In Varanasi we'll step back in time to see weavers producing exquisite silk brocades on old jacquard pit looms. In Jaipur we'll explore block-printing with a visit to the studio of a renowned designer and a hands-on workshop.

Along the way you will experience three distinctive Indian cities. We'll glimpse Delhi's impressive Mughal and colonial past, and be awed at the incredible rituals of life and death taking place along the Ganges River in Varanasi. In Jaipur, with a stylish family-run boutique hotel as our base, we'll explore the city's markets and be inspired by the city's remarkable historic landmarks.  


we will visit designers in delhi, such as kashmir loom, whose products are handcrafted by highly-skilled indian artisans

we will visit designers in delhi, such as kashmir loom, whose products are handcrafted by highly-skilled indian artisans

Featuring impressive remnants of India's Mughal and colonial past, New Delhi provides a fascinating introduction to modern India. Delhi has an exciting design scene, which we will get a behind-the-scenes look at during private studio and showroom visits with textile-forward fashion designers. We will also meet a leading sari expert for an introduction to India's iconic garment and dine with a young textile curator. We will explore some of the city's historic highlights, such as Humayan's Tomb, the elegant 16th-century Mughal mausoleum and the spectacular Qtub Minar. To gain an appreciation for handcraft traditions from throughout India, we may tour the National Crafts Museum or visit a special exhibition. Our home-base in Delhi is The Imperial, the iconic colonial-era heritage hotel.

Accommodation: The Imperial Hotel, a classic colonial-era heritage property in Delhi
Travel: We will arrange for you to be met at the airport and escorted to our hotel


varanasi is known for its silk weaving. a weaver works on a 19th century jacquard loom

varanasi is known for its silk weaving. a weaver works on a 19th century jacquard loom

We will fly to Varanasi, where Hindus seek spiritual salvation by bathing in the holy waters of the Ganges River and where people come to cremate the remains of their loved ones. Varanasi is the India of your imagination and a true assault on the senses! Teeming with people on religious pilgrimage, it's a thrilling destination where you will gain an appreciation for the rituals at the core of Indian life. We will explore the city on foot with an expert local guide as well as by boat, experiencing the rituals that take place on the river "ghats" at dawn and dusk. Varanasi is renowned for its silk weaving and we will visit villages where artisans weave luxurious silk brocade fabric on old jacquard pit-looms. Our hotel is actively dedicated to the revival of this ancient craft, commissioning local handwoven fabric for its properties.

Accommodation: Taj Gateway Hotel, a comfortable hotel in Varanasi
Travel: Flight from Delhi


Expert block-printing artisan at work near jaipur

Expert block-printing artisan at work near jaipur

Jaipur is at the core of our tour, where we will stay at a stylish family-run boutique hotel. Our hotel is a favorite among international designers visiting on sourcing trips. In Jaipur, we will learn about block-printing, visiting the studio of a renowned designer who has perfected the craft. We will also participate in a workshop in Bagru, home to the Chippa, a caste that has practiced block-printing for centuries. Jaipur's evocative sights, including the City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and nearby Amber Fort are an inspiration with their lavish designs. No trip to Jaipur would be complete without visiting the morning flower markets, exploring the winding lanes of the Old City, or shopping for handcrafted products at the city's excellent boutiques.

Accommodation: 47 Jobner Bagh, a boutique hotel in Jaipur
Travel: Flight from Varanasi

The tour ends in Jaipur. Customized add-ons are available for those wishing to explore additional destinations at the end of the tour.


February 2020


To be announced

Limited to 10 participants (full capacity is required to run the tour)

Tour begins in New Delhi & ends in Jaipur

This price includes:

  • An accompanying guide plus a tour host

  • Personal, small-group experience (max. 10 participants)

  • Accommodation

  • Workshop, studio tour and artisan fees

  • Specialist guides

  • Most meals

  • Local transport via air and private mini-bus

  • Museum entry fees

Does not include:

  • International airfare and visa

  • Transfers to and from airport

  • Personal expenses including shopping, alcohol, laundry service, tips

  • Some dinners (as detailed on itinerary)


Fiona in Bangalore by Clare Arni - High Res B&W.JPG

We are thrilled to have collaborated with Fiona Caulfield—author of the discerning Love Travel Guides to India—to design an itinerary packed with special experiences. Fiona won't be traveling with us but as co-curator, she has helped us craft a one-of-a-kind trip with her in-depth knowledge and personal connections.



India is an iconic destination with many fascinating destinations. We can create customized post-tour add-ons for people wishing to explore further. We suggest continuing on to Jodhpur to attend the wonderful World Sufi Spirit Festival, which takes place Feb 22-23, 2019. Email us to discuss ideas for tailored add-ons.

If you want to see Japan or India in a personal, meaningful way that is filled with just the right amount of activities and experiences, don’t miss this opportunity. Small groups with a talented, knowledgeable woman whom you will love and appreciate for her attention to detail. I’ve travelled extensively in my lifetime and these trips have been the most organized I’ve been on.
— JM Jones