What are Twofold travel trips? What can I expect?

Our goal is to provide intimate, immersive, hands-on travel experiences that connect travelers to new places and people through the lens of textiles, craft and design. Our small-group tours focus on workshops and studio visits with local designers and artisans; shopping for interesting, place-specific design; and other cultural experiences. We also include some general guided sightseeing, although this is not our main focus. Our trips are also not serious academic tours nor are they high-end luxury tours. We aim to keep our tour prices reasonable and as accessible as possible.

Who attends these trips? 

While our trips usually appeal to women, they are open to women and men of all ages who are interested to explore new cultures through design, textiles, craft, arts and culture. Sometimes people sign up with a friend or family member but we also encourage single travelers to join us. We seek open-minded, flexible travelers who can "go with the flow" when necessary on a group tour and have realistic expectations of traveling in Asia.

Do the trips include airfare? 

No, international airfare is not included in the cost of the trip. Participants are responsible for booking their own international flights. If domestic air travel is part of the itinerary, that will be included in the price.

What's included in the fee?

Accommodation, domestic transport, some meals (as specified on the itinerary), guide and interpreter fees, museum admission fees, performance or special-event fees, workshop instruction fees and materials.

What's not included in the fee? 

International airfare, passport and visa fees, transfer to and from the airport (unless otherwise noted), some meals (as specified on the itinerary), tips, laundry service, luggage courier service (in Japan), spending money. 

Why are only some meals (and not all) included in the fee?

Breakfast is generally provided by our hotels. We often plan a handful of special lunches and dinners, which we have reserved in advance and which are included in the price of the trip, however it is difficult to factor in all meals. We are usually eating out at restaurants and we find that guests have different preferences in terms of where and how much they want to eat and whether or not they drink alcohol. Sometimes guests like to be on their own in the evening after a full day of touring and therefore we like to leave dinner plans flexible.

What will I need to take care of in terms of passport and visa?

Please check the date on your passport to make sure it is valid. Each country has different visa requirements and you are responsible for making sure that you have the appropriate visa. We will, however, advise you on visa requirements for specific countries. US visitors to Japan, for instance, do not need a visa but US visitors to India do need a visa. We can recommend a visa processing service to streamline your Indian visa application.

Do I need travel and medical insurance?

We strongly advise purchasing comprehensive travel and medical insurance. If you don't have travel insurance and you cannot take or finish the tour for any reason, you stand to lose the entire amount you’ve paid for your trip. Travel insurance offers protection against trip cancellations, flight delays, baggage loss, medical emergencies and other problems.

Do I need vaccinations?

Please consult your local doctor or travel medical clinic regarding recommended vaccinations. They can also advise on medications and first-aid items that you can take with you in case of mild illness or injury. 

How physical are the trips? 

You need to be physically fit and in good health to attend one of our trips. On our tours, we do a lot of walking and we are often visiting or staying in places that have stairs where we cannot guarantee elevator service.

I'm a vegetarian, are there restricted diet options?

Please email us with your dietary restrictions. We will do everything possible to make sure that options are available for you when we are catering, however, many meals are not included in the price of our trips (except when noted) and we mostly eat out at local restaurants. Please arrange to bring with you an allergy/diet travel card in the local language.

I've never traveled with a group. Will I be able to explore on my own?

Traveling with a group of new people you haven't met can be daunting but its also a wonderful way to meet new friends! We plan itineraries that are full of activities, however you're always welcome to opt out of an activity if you wish. We try to factor some "down time" into our plans and we often leave evening meals open.

Are rates based on single or double occupancy? What are accommodations like?

Rates are based on double occupancy. We strive to find comfortable, conveniently-located, mid-range boutique accommodation that has local character and charm (when possible as some destinations have limited accommodation options).

Will you do a trip just for my group? 

Yes, this may be possible. Please email us at hello@twofoldtextiles.com to discuss.

Do you accept cancellations or refunds? 

Please refer to to the Terms and Conditions unique to each trip for more information on cancellations and refunds.

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Feel free to email us at hello@twofoldtextiles.com with additional questions.